Is your group eager to learn how to improve search engine ranking?

Are you all a ‘twitter’ about Social Media –and need some easy explanations?

Wouldn’t it be fun to know the top 20 tools that Google offers for free?

Or maybe you need someone to finally define search engine optimization for your company?

Are you part of an organization whose members have an interest in learning more about internet business and marketing strategies?

Laurie Macomber is always honing her workshops, talks, and Q&A sessions to reflect the latest in the Internet industry. Just ask attendees how much they gleaned from her last speaking engagement.

As a speaker, Laurie has a unique fluency. She makes ‘geeky’ SEO info understandable! A mature woman herself, she helps audiences have ‘ah ha’ moments – where they can get up to speed on topics like SEO and Web 2.0 and no longer feel ‘ancient’ or out of the loop.

Her ability to customize her speeches to engage a specific audience has earned her a reputation as a thoughtful and inspiring personality, and she is a much sought-after speaker in Northern Colorado and the Denver area.


What does your group want to learn?

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from Laurie.  Whether it’s a webinar on web marketing & search engine optimization, a speaking engagement on social media marketing, a workshop on understanding your web metrics, or simply a clear definition of search engine optimization—time learning from Laurie Macomber is time well-spent!

Ask Laurie about the classes she offers:

  • Google Analytics
  • History of Internet Marketing
  • Local Internet Marketing – How to get on the map!
  • Secrets of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Marketing Fundamentals
  • “YouTwinkFace™ – how to be socially adept!
  • Google-licious ™

If you’re eager to learn about web marketing, search engine optimization, or specific web tools, don’t hesitate to contact Laurie Macomber to create a workshop specifically geared to your needs!

When it comes to SEO info, Laurie Macomber is a number-one source. Contact her to hear her for yourself.

See Laurie…in all her glory!

Laurie Macomber’s 2011 speaking engagements

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