Be Found. Be Profound.

We’re not just interested in high rankings on Google. We also want the traffic you get from Google to convert.

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“Where the heck is their phone number?”

Finding you on line is one thing – finding out how to buy from you is another!

Be Found. Be ProfoundWe’re your ally on the Internet. Those who are looking for answers, will discover you on Google. Once they’re on your site, now that’s where the magic happens. We help convert those visitors into buyers.

A website has to be useful to be a crowd pleaser. What can you offer to make a visit to your site worthwhile – and have people just naturally send their friends to your site too?

Your website needs to provide a valuable experience. That doesn’t have to be a rollicking escapade into Flash movies and audio interrupts, Disney-like experience. NO.

It just means the first time visitor has to like what he sees instantly and then you provide information, ideas, tools, schedules, connections – any or all of the above – to make it worth his while to stick around and come to appreciate you.

This is what we call proven organic SEO. It works every time.

Think of it this way – if you had a retail store, you’d hire a window dresser. Buy neon signs for the storefront. And work on the interior lighting to set the product off just so.

Now why wouldn’t you work on your website with that kind of pride – and expect just as much – or maybe a whole lot more – business potential as a result of your efforts?  This kind of proven, organic SEO is what Blue Skies specializes in.

A Professional SEO Service Can Expand Your Business Exponentially

With the Internet, you can expand your business horizons, get traffic from Portland, Maine as well as from Portland, Oregon. You can lower your overhead costs. Reduce your inventory. Even work from home. Those are some of the advantages of having an online selling presence.

But the trade off is: you have to have a winning website to stay in business.

Your website needs to look inviting with professional graphic design. And the copy needs to be persuasive. And there needs to be utility throughout the pages.

What can you offer your visitor that they can’t get on another website?

How can you be ‘useful & you’s-full’ – providing utility and value in a personal way?

Blue Skies’ professional SEO service can help you answer these questions. Contact us today to find out how.

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