Why are blogs important for business?

At Blue Skies, we like to say: BLOG = Better Listings on Google!

Weblogs, or “blogs” for short, are a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your presence on the web.  Add your business blog to your company website, and you’ll have an easy way to introduce current, relevant, keyworded information there, making you more likely to attract people looking for up-to-date information and involving points of view.

A business blog has a variety of uses and forms.  Think of it as a journal about your business that everyone can read.  In a small business blog, you could discuss topics that are particularly relevant to your local area… and thus attract potential customers.   A larger corporate blog might focus on establishing your role as an expert in your field; your blog could become a widely-respected source of information about your industry.

A blog is easily updated, so it is constantly new and changing.  It is also a forum for discussion.  Customers can comment on your entries and stay engaged with your business.  Blogs build a bond with your prospects. They also help make you more prominent in your industry. And Google may honor your website, where you host your blog, with high rankings. That’s worth it alone!

With a business blog you can:

  • Be an expert in your field: With a forum for discussion you can position your business as a leader in its field.  Other websites will link to your exciting blog and bring more traffic and more business.
  • Improve customer relations:  With the informal style of a blog and with the absence of the customer/seller dichotomy, you can develop a more personal, friendly connection with your customers.  Potential buyers don’t feel forced to buy.  Blogs can be a place for customers to first educate themselves about your business and then to bond with you personally over time.
  • Have a testing ground for ideas and products: A blog can get you immediate customer feedback about new ideas and products.  When you propose something do people link to your idea?  Do people comment about it?
  • Help your website’s SEO: Google favors websites that are updated often and that are linked to by other websites.  If your blog is successful it will automatically generate more hits.  Blogging businesses can also stay on top of the most up-to-date trends in SEO by adding new keywords to their blogs.. and blog categories… that bring even more visitors to the website.

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