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SEO Technical Diagnostician: Carolyn Price hails from South Africa but now lives on the West Coast of Florida.

She’s our ‘go to gal’ when we have any thorny, seemingly-unanswerable questions about how the programming of a prospect’s site affects their findability. She works as a full-time Search Engine Optimization specialist, but her roots in Web design, development, and usability, bring added value to every Web site she works on. Her philosophy on SEO is that optimization is not something you simply add to a Web site—rather, it is one part of a chain of elements that contribute to a site’s overall success.


PPC Specialist: Mark Kennedy loves math. As a poker player and a former stock exchange trader, he loves crunching numbers. So when it comes to search engine marketing where ROI is everything, there is no better fit for his mathematical talents. Anyone can create a PPC campaign, but not everyone can get it to pay off. Utilizing his CFA and MBA education and experience, Mark knows that every strategy is unique and every campaign needs to produce. Whether it’s leads, sales, or even awareness, if search engine marketing isn’t done correctly – that is, if it’s automated and computerized and not ‘hand-crafted’ – it shouldn’t be done at all.


What do our clients say? "IT WORKS...
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