Exhaustive Keyword Research – Your Key To SEO Success

When we do keyword research, nothing gets by us. NOTHING. We find the words people are searching for and the competition doesn’t use.

The things that keep people up at night and how they try to find solutions to their problems online – well, that’s our stock in trade.

We start with your ideas – hear what YOU think your prospects will be searching for. And then we delve in. Our tools are subscription based as well as Google- provided. All together we use 5 different tools in our advanced SEO services (‘Cranking Package’) – to be SURE we’ve looked at seasonality, locality, recency and the open opportunities.

Your ‘seed words’ turn into our ‘flower garden’. We find synonyms to the words you expect to rank for. Then we brainstorm. What terms do your online competitors rank for? How do they describe their services and products?

We consider jargon and technical terminology, lingo, and how people would really put things. Like saying ‘car dealer’ vs ‘auto dealer’.

Showing You The FACTS About Your Market—The Numbers

Then we run the numbers. And they are ALWAYS illuminating. You learn so much from discovering exactly how people search for things that you offer.

As well as things you don’t offer.

A couple of our clients have found new products and services they could bring to market because of the keyword research we share with them.

A counseling service had focused their offerings to relationships between teens and their parents – but had not known that stepmothers and stepfathers were searching by the score for help with their ‘new’ teens.  That became a new service for them to provide –step parent and teen counseling. Who knew!

We Found That Golden Google Nugget.

We research everything related to a client’s business and relevant keywords. If they are a pizza parlor, we research and categorize results by gluten, by pie, by quick meal, by tomato-based food, by pepperoni, by frozen versus fresh, by store bought or delivered. The gamut.

Then we provide a workbook which has tabs on every topic, with hundreds if not thousands of words and phrases prioritized in advance for the client to consider. IF they are relevant and have a strong likelihood of being pivotal – that is: low supply and HIGH demand – we’ll say as a team: Let’s make that a ‘money’ or ‘mantra’ phrase.

Use it and the 20 or so others we settle upon,  in everything you do. Not just your website, but on your blog, in your e-newsletter, with press releases, in directory listings, on local maps, in videos, on sell sheets and bios – EVERYWHERE.

In Advanced SEO Services, Keyword Research Is The Clincher

Without dynamite keyword research, you can’t have dynamite SEO.  Period.

No one can beat our comprehensiveness – and no one takes the care to spread their ‘word nets’ as wide as we do. But they really should. It’s the words that people use that bring your site up on Page One when they’re in Google – searching in the middle of the night – or in broad daylight on their cell phone.

They have given you the exact clue to what they want. All you have to do is be the business whose website comes up when they show their verbal cards.

Simple. Right? But the elegance is in the keyword research. Getting rankings is about finding pivotal phrases and using them carefully on topical pages in your website.

Wouldn’t you like to have that sort of competitive advantage – TO KNOW the exact words that people are using to buy a service that both you and your competitor provide?

Here is an example of the exhaustive SEO keyword research we do. Prepare to be amazed. (*)


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