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LaurieWith her leadership background in marketing and communications for several multi-national companies, it’s no surprise that Laurie Macomber has found success in her own Internet marketing and optimization company. However, she didn’t expect to be dubbed “The Google Guru” by her Fort Collins clients and peers! Through Blue Skies, Laurie has married her talent in marketing with her passion for networking, her endless curiosity about technology and internet marketing techniques, and her desire to offer truly valuable resources and SEO services for her clients. And it’s paid off; when it comes to SEO in Colorado, Laurie is the Guru.

…and just how did she become “The Google Guru”?

  • Is it the TWO HOURS she sets aside EVERY MORNING educating herself in the latest SEO and internet marketing techniques, discoveries, and tools?
  • Is it her dogged persistence in improving websites for prospects that are struggling to show up on Google?
  • Is it the endless hours of unpaid research she does in Google advertising, ensuring that she’s left no stone unturned in finding out exactly What Google Wants?
  • Is it her constant curiosity about the members of her community, and the connections and introductions she makes between businesses, entrepreneurs, services, and clients?


Laurie is a marketing maven because she LIVES it. Her work is her passion, and it’s why everyday she aims to better herself as a SEO and marketing professional.

Expert In SEO For ColoradoA Certified SEO Expert

Though she’d get a university degree for SEO if there was one, in the meantime Laurie has been certified by the Advanced SEO Mastery Program, run by Search Engine Workshops, leaders in the field of SEO.

But that’s just a small part of Laurie’s education.  Her reputation as Google Guru depends on knowing all, especially the very latest about SEO services and internet marketing techniques.  To that end, she regularly attends classes and workshops, and is an avid reader of new literature. In fact, she dedicates TWO HOURS A MORNING – before most people rise –  to self-education.

Keeping your search engine marketing company at the top is hard work!


Click here to see Laurie’s SEO Bibliography.

A Woman who’s All About Town

Laurie will dive right into your business. She will audit your current web presence, your web stats, the way you conduct business online.

She’ll take into account your available internet advertising opportunities, potential links you could share with other sites and even leads for your business that she’s garnered from other clients.

She’ll share every resource, free tool, and scrap of information that might help you and your company get noticed online.

And a RESUME to back it all up.

Blue Skies Marketing, Founder

Communications Director, LeCroy Corporation

Director of Communications, International Paper

Head of Communications/Worldwide, Ilford Photo

Advertising and PR Manager for North America, Leica Cameras

Account Manager, Advertising Agencies (Various) Chester Gore Advertising, Ted Bates, DKG, and others.


New York University, B.A.
Bennington College

See the Courses sidebar for the Laurie’s professional education.


SEO Courses, Workshops And Conventions That Laurie Has Attended

  • Info World - Technology Marketing Seminar on Podcasting
  • Syndicate - The Premier Event for Content Syndication Trends
  • B2B Magazine's Blogging for Business
  • ClickTracks - Internet Marketing Conference
  • Columbia Business School & Corante's Innovative Marketing Conference
  • Harvard Club's Marketing to Lawyers on the Web
  • High Ranking's SEO Seminar with Jill Whalen in Minneapolis
  • Search Engine Workshops - Advanced SEO Mastery Class in Las Vegas with Robin Nobles and John Alexander
  • Google's Trifecta Course - Tools, Analytics, Website Optimizer
  • Blizzard Marketing's Webinar on Local Map Rankings
  • Blogging Webinar with Ilyse Benun
  • B2B Magzine's Webinar on Social Media with IBM's Paul Gillin and Robert Scoble of Naked Conversations
  • LinkedIn Workshop via Integrated Alliances
  • StomperNet's bi-annual event in Atlanta
  • Pubcon in Las Vegas
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