Local Map Listings appear first in Google Results. Also Bing, Yahoo, And Ask. That’s enough of an incentive for any local business to make it a point to get in the top 10 LOCAL listings aka: the Maps.


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But how do you dominate local listings?


You don’t have to pay for position with the Search Engines for these coveted listings, but you do have to meet some obvious, and not so obvious, criteria. Criteria for Local Map Listings vary from time to time, which only makes the pursuit of the natural, organic and ultra-regional rankings more elusive! But Blue Skies Marketing makes it our business to see that you rank high on Local Map Listings.  And we keep up with the criteria!mnFor a flat one-time fee of $400, we’ll get you on the local listings for your market areas.


Our local targeted search marketing service covers all the top 4 search engines, and gets you prominent on their maps. Did you know the Maps feature of the top 4 search engines all work pretty much the same – when you type in the name of a city or town either before or after your search term, the Maps feature is invoked – usually RIGHT AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.


You need to be at the top of the page when the map pops into place. Will you be? Let us help you rank high in Google Maps. Bing Maps. Yahoo Maps. And Ask Maps. This will be $400 very well spent!

What do our clients say? "IT WORKS...
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