Sometimes, SEO and PPC are perfect companions.

We believe that our approach to search engine optimization should get you strong rankings. We call that ‘earning your way to happiness.’

But sometimes you have to ‘buy your way to happiness’.

Maybe you have a short term objective – a seasonal sale that has to be made. A ‘soft’ product launch in order to pre-empt the competition. Or you have had no website presence at all up until now, and you are unlikely to get a high organic ranking right out of the gate.

These reasons and others call for Pay Per Click (PPC) to give you that added boost.

Hubspot, a legendary marketing firm, has said this about PPC:

“Pay Per Click is temporary – SEO is forever!’

We couldn’t agree more.

You might want to kick-start your web presence with a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign…

  • If your business is new to the web
  • If you’re in an extremely competitive market
  • If you want to reach a certain zip-code specific audience

Blue Skies Marketing offers online advertising services that are easy and cost effective.

pay-per-click advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management

Pay-Per-Click advertising, using Google AdWords or a similar tool, is a popular way for businesses to buy their placement on Google results pages. Laurie Macomber says: “On Google you can either buy your way to happiness (SEM or PPC) or earn your way (SEO) there.”

A sure way to be listed in a prominent place on Google and its partner sites pages… or on Yahoo or Bing, Pay-Per-Click can win you scores of new customers.

Yet if mismanaged, these campaigns can cost businesses obscene amounts of money without grabbing and KEEPING prospects.

Blue Skies’ Online Advertising Services

Blue Skies responsibly considers your ROI (return on investment) when recommending a PPC strategy.

Put Laurie Macomber and her team on the case, and they’ll say whether it’s likely to result in profitable new business, then they’ll write the keyworded ads, set the individual bids per phrase or keyword, and manage your PPC campaign.  With our Google AdWords management service, you just set the monthly or even daily budget and set Blue Skies to the task—we’ll do the rest!

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an online advertising option in which your ad appears at the top of search engine results at sites like Bing, Yahoo! and Google.  (The Google PPC is called ‘AdWords.’)  Your PPC ad is free until someone clicks on it and visits your site; then you pay per click, or per visitor to your site.  The ads are keyword-based so they appear only when they are relevant to the search.  In the world of online advertising, PPC is often a cost-effective option when managed well.

Although search engine optimization is still absolutely necessary in order to see a long-lasting return on your web presence, Pay Per Click programs can work wonders for specific needs: 

  • Finding the right keywords: a successful PPC campaign will help you find the keywords that define your business, so you won’t pay for the ones that don’t bring the right customers!
  • Jump starting your traffic: PPC marketing, used in tandem with a long-term SEO make-over, can help to bring fast traffic to your site.
  • Get to the top instantly: although SEO is necessary for sustained web presence, sometimes it takes time to get to the top.  PPC advertising can get you to the top of search results instantly while we develop the content and web connections that will keep you there!
  • Short-term or Seasonal PPC Campaigns: when introducing a new product or service, these short-term campaigns can be highly profitable if they are monitored well.  They are low risk as long as you have someone giving you good PPC advice. THAT’S WHERE BLUE SKIES COMES IN.

Google AdWords (PPC) Management from the Experts

If it sounds too good to be true, it just might be. In the rough and tumble world of PPC advertising, profitable keywords can come at high costs and defeat the point of a PPC campaign. That’s why you’ll need our expert PPC advice and management if you want to maximize the traffic to your site from PPC search engine web promotion.

Pay-Per-Click Programs that Work:

  • We find the ‘edge’ keywords that come at a low cost but yield strong results.
  • We research where your efforts and money are best spent.
  • We manage Google pay-per-click campaigns so that you don’t have to worry about overspending.
  • We specify negative keywords to the engines so you don’t pay for a click from an unlikely searcher
  • We report results so that it’s clear what’s working  and what the impact is – in plain English, from business people

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