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Before you invest in something like SEO and other forms of internet marketing, you’ll of course want proof of results.  That’s why we provide clients with monthly data to show whether what we’ve done has helped their search engine rankings.

Most of our clients see higher Google search rankings and greater business right away, but some things take time.

That’s why we’ll PROVE it.


Our Regular Provings

At Blue Skies, once we’ve finished an SEO project and launched a new site we present you with a baseline of Google search rankings. A month later we provide PROOF of performance…showing that our work has been successful or is heading in the right direction. How so? We provide you with a user-friendly document that contains our regular ‘provings,’with screen captures that clearly show your listings on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

We Provide You With Our Proof, Every Month.

In a ‘proving’ we will enter popular as well as niche keywords into tools that tally your rankings simultaneously. We’ll present you with the results, fabulous or just fair for the time being, every month.

That’s not all. We’ll keep proving this to you at regular intervals. If you notice that your rankings are slipping, we can help you figure out why and then streamline or update your site so that you stay on top.

What We DO and DO NOT Guarantee

We cannot guarantee that our work will give you the first place ranking or immediately increase internet traffic to your site—beware of people that make such promises! Particularly if you do business in a highly competitive market, any such guarantee would be dishonest. Though first page ranking is always the aim in our SEO work, we cannot make such guarantees when competitive inroads and search engine algorithm shifts alike can affect results.

WHAT WE CAN GUARANTEE is that we will optimize your site using all accepted BEST PRACTICES so that it has the strongest chance of success in the world of search.

Remember: increased internet traffic may not be immediate, but it will come.

In our experience, it always does.



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