It’s not only Google that’s getting smarter in the Internet Age. So are consumers.

You need informative, captivating copy to keep people on your site.

Blue Skies can offer you intelligent web copywriting with a marketing mindset.

Keeping a consumer on your page demands compelling copy. A website can boast flashy visual design, decent search engine ranking, and even a good marketing angle—but if the copywriting for your website doesn’t grab a reader, lead them through a convincing line of reasoning, and convert them into a prospect, the site has failed.

You need a website copywriting firm that understands the business.  Welcome to Blue Skies.

Web Copywriting, Blue Skies Style

Background Research

As SEO content writer for your site, Blue Skies starts by learning everything we can about you and your business. How do you want to be represented by your site? How do you want to attract clientele? What style of writing might represent your business most appropriately?

Keyword Research

We then incorporate our extensive keyword research into our SEO copywriting, using the research to build a site map, and incorporating well-chosen keyword phrases into the winning text.

Skilled, Persuasive Writing

Finally, we approach web copywriting with a marketer’s sense of things, strategically composing text to be persuasive, captivating, and lead logically to a point of purchase or first contact. With Blue Skies on your side, you’ll have a team of killer web copywriters working for you.

Your Input, at Every Step

Worried about how our writing will fit with your business image? We’ll do “tone tests,” or copy samples, in which you can choose from varied styles of SEO copywriting until we’ve perfectly captured YOUR voice. We include the first draft, and a full round of revisions based on your input, in our package. We make sure you’re satisfied with the copywriting for your website.

The Follow-Through

After a thoroughly-proofed draft is submitted and approved, there is still work to be done! We make sure that site designers have the copy in the format they need, which means that our communication lines are always open with web designers and developers.

A Marketing Approach to Copywriting

You have 7 seconds to make an impression on a web visitor… before they’re off to your competitor’s site. And they don’t even have to get into a car to rush away!

It makes sense to have a very adroit copywriter crafting your site, then… one who has a marketing background to inform her whole approach. How web copywriting gets done is the difference between stringing a bunch of words together that sound good but are fundamentally ‘empty’…. OR making a crystal-clear point using intelligence and persuasion.

There is a great amount of philosophy and technique behind good marketing, and all of it is applicable to how you approach the web copywriting for your site. With decades of marketing experience, Laurie Macomber brings strong, convincing content to your business story, using all of the tools she has gained throughout her career.

AIDA is an acronym that marketers use, and that Blue Skies applies uniquely to copywriting.


A – Awareness: get the attention of potential customers and clients
I – Interest: inform, to let your target audience know what you are
D – Desire: encourage emotional bonding with your company
A – Action: bring the customer to a point of purchase or contact


AIDA for Web Copywriting

For website structure and SEO copywriting, AIDA is extremely relevant and effective.

Awareness – Home Page:

Draw your audience in with a “You’s-full” introduction. Let them know they’ve come to the right place. Assure them that this site will answer their questions.

Interest – Content Pages:

Your site should be bedrock of knowledge about your field as well as your product or service. Interesting topics will be what you can do for them. What will save time, money, aggravation? What salve do you have for their point of pain? What’s in it for THEM?

Desire – Convincing Pages:

Is there a special offer that he or she qualifies for on an interior page? Take them there next. Build that Desire. What will take the prospect over the edge to action?

Action – Point-of-Purchase:

Get to the buying or contact process. Make the action EASY and reassuring. Short forms. A live person to call? A BBB logo on the shopping cart page? How about a testimonial, right as they are selecting a product.

Blue Skies is unique website copywriting firm because we blend great writing with expert marketing skills.  Our team of killer web copywriters will attract the new clients you’re looking for without jeopardizing the tone you’ve worked hard to establish.


What is SEO writing, and how does it differ from other copywriting?

The bulk of search engine optimization happens in the content of your site. Not in your code!

Selected keyword phrases are incorporated into web text by the SEO copywriter, requiring skill not only in writing persuasive copy, but also in choosing where to place appropriate phrases elegantly – unobtrusively.

We’ve all seen the badly-written “optimized” sites ­– the ones with phrases stuck together illogically, with total disregard for grammar, fluidity, and most importantly, the intelligence of the consumer!

As a superb SEO content writer, Laurie Macomber will know your company inside and out, know your target audience and how to write for them, and know how to smoothly navigate the challenging waters of optimization to bring you coherent, logical, and refined website copy.

How does an SEO copywriter differ from a freelance writer?

Most freelance writers don’t write from a marketing standpoint.  Although freelance copywriters are often extremely affordable and easy to find, few of them know what marketing copywriters do: the AIDA approach to writing that significantly increases your sales conversion rates.

Make no mistake – Your website content and copy will make or break the success of your site.

Laurie and her team of website optimization experts in Colorado have years of experience not only in writing for consumers, but in SEO copywriting for Google’s needs.


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