HOW does SEO work?

…or, the Art of SEO

These days, SEO is a popular, and very misunderstood, service catchphrase.

  • First of all, what does SEO stand for?
  • Why is search engine optimization important?
  • How do you know how much traffic to expect from SEO?
  • Can SEO really win you top Internet website ranking?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Definition: SEO is a process that modifies your site so that it can be found and served up by search engines. Optimizing for search engines will bring more RELEVANT traffic to your website, because SEO is like a magnifying glass for Google: a search engine can see your company or organization more clearly, and will direct targeted website traffic to you with more precision.


Time and time again, great websites have proven that SEO is the most effective search engine marketing tool…being visible often makes more sense than doing offline or even online advertising

Why is search engine optimization important?

web site optimization coloradoExperts will tell you that SEO is the most effective form of search engine marketing. That’s because SEO works in two ways.

First, it brings you closer to your customers.  In the market research phase of SEO you come to learn what people are searching for, what they want, and what they need—and what the competition in these areas is like.

With this knowledge comes the second part of SEO, when you realize how to tailor your messaging to these needs and desires, inside of a particular market.  With good SEO you are going out to find prospects while making yourself more visible to existing customers simultaneously.

The best search engine optimization is essentially business optimization.

How do you know how much traffic to expect from SEO?

This of course depends on the client, the industry, and the competition. But the best answer is: expect far more traffic than your site would have if it was not optimized at all.

You wouldn’t open a store without putting a sign out front would you?
Then don’t create a website without letting Google know you exist!

Blue Skies practices SEO not only in the content of your website, but by providing you with a huge prioritized list of pivotal keywords JUST for your business. You have the key to unlock searches from then on.

You can use the ‘mantra’ keywords in everything that you produce that will ever appear on the web – from press releases, blogs, newsletters, sales flyers, brochures…. With your very own high demand, low competition search phrases, you are well equipped to win on the web! Get the targeted website traffic you need to keep your business going – and going gang busters.

Can SEO really win you top internet website ranking?

For most of our clients (95%), it already has.  We aim to put our clients on page one of the Google search engine, and we reach that mark with topical pages full of useful content.

Blue Skies makes no promises other than to work as hard and thoroughly as we can for you, and to stay on top of changes in our volatile field.  We advise you to be suspicious of companies who “guarantee” specific ranking results or say that they have a ‘relationship’ with Google.

SEO…science or ART?

We think it’s a little of both. The science of SEO is in incorporating certain keyword phrases into the text of your website that will suggest to Google’s spiders that your page is highly relevant for a specific search term. The trick is to find those phrases. That’s science we are mad about!

The art of SEO? Blue Skies is constantly practicing  it.

  • The art of optimizing your site for search engines is in the creative writing of content so that it answers the implicit (or explicit!) questions searchers are asking.
  • Getting people over the buying hump is another talent. We excel there – in our writing and the logical structure of the sites we construct.


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