How it Works

Experts will tell you that SEO is the most effective form of search engine marketing. That’s because SEO works in two ways.

First, it brings you closer to your customers. In the market research phase of SEO you come to learn what people are searching for, what they want, and what they need—and what the competition in these areas is like.

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Our Process

Keyword Research

We audit your site and your competitors’ sites, make a long list of ‘seed words’, go in depth studying the opportunities for high demand/low supply keywords in Google for YOUR industry, account for seasonality and geographic-skews, prioritize phrases by indexing them, and recommend your MANTRA phrases, to be used for the foreseeable future.

We build your top list of phrases to use every day, in every way.

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SEO Packages

Blue Skies offers three different SEO packages for clients to choose from – SEO Tweaking, SEO Ranking and SEO Cranking!…

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Keyword Research

When we do keyword research, nothing gets by us. NOTHING. We find the words people are searching for and the competition doesn’t use. The things that keep people up at night and how they try to find solutions to their problems online – well, that’s our stock in trade.

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SEO Copywriting

Keeping a consumer on your page demands compelling copy. A website can boast flashy visual design, decent search engine ranking, and even a good marketing angle—but if the copywriting for your website doesn’t grab a reader, lead them through a convincing line of reasoning, and convert them into a prospect, the site has failed.

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The Proof

Before you invest in something like SEO and other forms of internet marketing, you’ll of course want proof of results. That’s why we provide clients with monthly data to show whether what we’ve done has helped their search engine rankings.

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