Our clients can speak far more persuasively about the advantages of internet marketing than we can.

They’ve experienced success first hand.


What follows are some real results of Blue Skies’ web site optimization. Colorado local businesses and international organizations alike have all benefitted from our services.  Read on!


“I hired Laurie to do the SEO work for our website. She not only did a phenomenal job at driving people to our website (within a short amount of time we were appearing on page one of a web search) but she helped make our website reflect our personalities. Through her eyes we do not look like boring accountants! She was able to sit with us and through a series of questions she cuts through all the fluff and comes to the heart of who you are and then puts it into writing. I highly recommend Laurie.”

Leasa Magnuson


“I have gotten my practice caseload up to the highest level in 7 years over the last 2 months. I’ve getting a couple of new clients each week for the last five weeks and had 4 new clients this week alone. I am now supporting myself with my business. I am so thrilled. Most of these clients are finding me through my website. Look at the improvement over the last year in my Analytics (attached). I can’t quite understand how or why, but the number of visitors continues to grow almost every month. I don’t think I quite believed when I hired you that SEO could really make or break my business. Now I know better and might even be up for a 2nd round of consulting for further improvements sometime over the next year. That first round sure was worth it!”

Paul Chubbuck
Releasing the Past


“Laurie Macomber, of Blue Skies Marketing, provided the SEO and copy for my new website. The results of her SEO have proven to be beneficial – I’m getting first page Google search results when using keywords she identified in her keyword research. And the copy Laurie wrote for my site far exceeded my expectations. My experience with Laurie and her staff was exceptional. I would recommend Blue Skies Marketing to any potential client without hesitation!”

Mike McRoberts
Fall River Engineering


“Being involved in the financial and investment industry as an expert witness, it is not only vital that I convey to attorneys who are searching for an expert my professional experience, knowledge and services, but also that my site have the capability to be “found” on the web. My prior web site did not provide that exposure, so I turned to Laurie Macomber and Blue Skies Marketing for assistance in providing that exposure. Laurie came highly recommended, and through her skills and expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), my website not only reflects the professional touch and credibility required in my business, but is also attracting much more traffic than my prior site.

I would definitely recommend Laurie and Blue Skies Marketing to anyone looking to optimize the outreach of their site and their business.”

Djocek Law


“Robert and I wanted to let you know how many compliments we have been getting on our new website. We also have increased traffic and the site is much easier to find. Kudos to you and Mona for doing such a great job. We wanted you to know how much we appreciated the work.”

Robert and Vera
Love Bug Inc.


“Due to Laurie Macomber and Blue Skies Marketing efforts, it took less than six months for my company to be consistently #1 for major keyword searches in my industry on Google. My expectations were blown away with the results that Blue Skies Marketing delivered for my payroll company. I recommend Laurie to all my clients because she is someone that you can put your website needs in her hands and know you’ll receive phenomenal results. I don’t know if there is anyone else out there that could of put a small payroll company on top of $8 billion dollar payroll companies in google results. I highly recommend Laurie Macomber and Blue Skies Marketing.”

Kevin Welch, Owner
TLC Payroll


“The experience of working with Laurie has been an honor.  Both her understanding and her interpretation of my intentions as a Coach are filled with clarity.  With her patience in my changes it became a much-appreciated collaboration.   Her wit and humor invites ease, while her competence is unmistakable.”

“Laurie, I look forward to creating other projects with you!”

Judith Hamman
Personal & Business Coach


Aparna Mulchandani“Laurie has the gift of putting herself into her clients’ shoes and bringing out the best in them. This usually leads to marketing materials that shine. Laurie and I have partnered on various projects (from branding to websites). She is not only very easy to work with – but she really knows her stuff. Her professional, honest, no-nonsense attitude makes it a delight to work with her.”

“Laurie is a treat to work with. I would highly recommend her for her wit and wisdom. A true wordsmith, Laurie delivers over and over again and clients are always pleased.”

Aparna Mulchandani, Creative Director, Two by Two, Mahwah, NJ


“As small business owners, we knew what our strengths were, but when it came to our weaknesses, we weren’t sure where to turn. We were so thankful when Laurie was highly recommended to us and our lack of SEO knowledge quickly became a thing of the past. Laurie instantly embraced our personalities, business concept and vision while always making us feel like we were her only client. She was incredibly humble about her wealth of knowledge and professional background, but instead, incorporated her expertise into her product. Due to her patient and incredibly respectful attitude, we are now more recognized, more confident and more successful. We view Laurie and her team at Blue Skies as an incredible asset to 3BIDZ and love referring her services to others who find themselves in need. Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air!”

Rusty and Beth Huelle


Nathan Kumar Scott“Blue Skies Marketing has provided excellent service to SAGE over the last several months. Their time with us really made a difference to our ability to effectively market our program! We had a general sense of what we needed to do, but Blue Skies Marketing helped us first prioritize, then precisely determine the steps to follow, and finally implement all the things we had talked about. We certainly could not have done this without Blue Skies. Laurie got up to speed quickly on who we are and what our message is, then helped us take this several steps further. Finally, I greatly appreciated her multiple abilities, from copy writing to search engine optimization, which is exactly what we were looking for in a consultant. We look forward to working with Laurie again in the future!”

Nathan Kumar Scott, Director, Studies Abroad for Global Education (SAGE)


“I had hoped for some local prominence on niche phrases in Fort Collins for signage. But Laurie helped us get much more than just that. I got the Number Two position in the whole country for our brand (right below the HQ!) and high first page rankings on every obvious and highly competitive phrase about signs locally, and often nationally. When we decided to expand our online presence with a new e-commerce venture Laurie was the FIRST person I called, and I can’t wait to see the results.”

“She is the Google Guru for sure – more than met our expectations – she blew us away by getting us on the MAP!”

Patti Westfall
Fort Collins, CO


Lara Williams“Working with Laurie and her team was a pleasure from start to finish. She’s extremely well organized, knowledgeable and attentive to her customers’ needs. I would recommend her to anyone looking to create a website, or upgrade their existing site.”

Lara Williams, Green Team Real Estate


“Laurie and Blue Skies Marketing have the amazing ability to take broad concepts and utilize them in clear and concise end-products. They’re able to adapt and navigate the ebbs and flows of the start-to-finish process. They work “with” the client, not “on” the client project. And of course, I recommend Laurie and Blue Skies Marketing every chance I get.”

Geoff Goudy, CPA


“What a pleasure working with a professional who is an expert on current and future Search Engine Optimization techniques and speaks the language of business marketing! Laurie’s unique skill set has assisted RockySoft in finding a voice on the Internet!”

Jeffrey Porter, Vice President Business Development, RockySoft


Viveka von Rosen“Laurie Macomber’s calm, pleasant manner hides a fierce marketing mind. Whether sitting in one of her classes, or working with her on our web copy, I am lulled by the ease and grace with which Laurie Macomber of Blue Skies Marketing masterfully presents her information. It is only after a class or project is completed, that one begins to notice the depth and intricacy of her work. Having been involved in web marketing essentially since its inception, Laurie’s mastery of the subject is incomparable. Sitting before this mild mannered woman, it’s easy to forget that she once headed the marketing division of not one, but several of the largest companies nationally and internationally. All that aside, her work is artful and gets results. After a brief lull in SEO rating, we are once again in the top three of page one!”

Viveka von Rosen, The Executive Center


“I’m a wildlife and nature photographer and have used Blue Sky Marketing to help launch my website and photography business. Laurie has been extremely helpful not only in finding ways to increase my exposure to the market through the Internet, but also in helping find a great web designer. She has also provided literature, which has put me in direct contact with marketing representatives of stock photography agencies. I would highly recommend her for her professionalism, work ethic, and inspiration.”

Vic Schendel, Vic Schendel Photography


“As a new business owner with a unique profession, it is equally as important to be found as it is to have an informative website. Laurie Macomber, owner of Blue Skies Marketing, did just that, with her combined talents and expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and Content Creation, my website not only educates my potential clients but also allows them easy access to locate me.”

Shirley L. Gorman RN.OCN.CLNC.
S.L.Gorman Legal Nurse Consulting LLC.


“Laurie and her marketing team bring thoroughness, energy, and creativity to their work. They take the mystery out of search engine optimization with solid research and structure. They developed a press release which added new links to my web site and 2 online product reviews within a week.”

Service Category: Internet Marketing, Marketing Communications
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative



Laura Cusenbary“Blue Skies Marketing brought our website to a world-class level. Through copy writing and search engine expertise, Prudential is now on the front page of all web searches after extensive key word analysis. While maintaining the integrity of our image with a time-less design, Laurie has increased our website’s traffic and the number of customer referrals we receive. Thanks Laurie!”

Laura Cusenbary, Prudential Steamboat Realty


“Our new site was up for only a few weeks when Google took note. Blues Skies Marketing wrote our new site eloquently, timely, and as a Google master would. Leave A Legacy is on the first page of several searches (sometimes first, sometimes third), after the shortest amount of time. Before, our site was seen/found by virtually no one. Leave A Legacy offers a multitude of various products and services. They were able to search out the key words needed for all of our service areas and more importantly were able to make us be found when people are looking for each of our different services. In addition to quality work, they are enjoyable people to work with.”

“We are getting a significant amount of work from the website! Had someone mail us his films from Colorado Springs! Thanks for the awesome website!”

“Yes, we are getting more traffic from Denver and it’s due to the website!  My thoughts for a location after Denver…..is Utah!”

Leave a Legacy Today


“Search engine optimization is what? Now I know! It is the “KEY” to getting traffic to your site. It is an extremely complicated and technical component of a web site of which Laurie is a master of, and she probably has forgotten more about SEO than most other marketing specialists even remotely think about.”

“As the owner of a portable restroom service company, Portable Rental Systems, Inc., I needed a web site that could convey my business philosophy and passion for the company I started 15 years ago. Laurie has done exactly that!”

“Thanks for a great job, Laurie!!”

Harry Murphy: Owner
Portable Rental Systems, Inc


“May I mention that not only are you knowledgeable, professional and organized, but very nice to work with. You probably hear it all the time, but you’re just great.”

Barbara Read
VP/ Better Business Bureau of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming


“I just wanted to let you know my web site has quadrupled in activity from July through September. This is great news for your listings and referrals because as a featured property, those inquiries will see your home.”

“Some of the activity is from Internet marketing I am doing with Google Ads, positioning with enriched information on my site and staying on top of trends the search engines use in rating where to place web sites. Keep in mind, this is how the search engines win popularity by providing results users are actually trying to attain.”

Maria Reed
Broker Associate, CSP
Keller Williams Realty Of Northern Colorado


Kris Boesch “I have to let you know how much of a pleasure it was to work with you! Truly, I was so impressed with your Google acumen as well as your “bedside manner.” You were incredibly responsive and patient throughout the whole process. Your ability to integrate my suggestions as well as the many details of my business with your copywriting capability was remarkable. You really worked with me. You met all of the deadlines, charged exactly what you said you would and gave me more than I expected! Integrity in the SEO market is hard to find – when I found you I knew I found a gem – and you proved me right! I could tell that you were dedicated to my project, as well as to the success of my company’s site. I have worked with two other SEO companies and was gravely disappointed. It seemed like all I got was empty promises and fluff, and I definitely felt like we were not a priority. You’re the best!!! And I’ve already recommended you to several other business friends.”

Kris Boesch, Exodus Moving


Peter Contino“Laurie helped get my website together in a manner that was both professional and results-oriented. She continues to work with me to drive traffic to my site through key word optimization and other strategies. A great local talent for northern Colorado!”

Peter Contino


Convinced of the potential advantages of internet marketing for your business? Contact us to see how Blue Skies can help your business through web site optimization. Colorado-based or from across the globe, we’ll work hard to serve your business well.

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