What is the appeal of Video for business?

You’ve heard the expression “a picture tells a thousand words.” Well, how many words do you think video will tell then? Possibly millions. It could make the difference between someone buying your product in bulk or finding it incomprehensible and turning the metaphorical page. Never before has there been such a wealth of visual and audio information (also called ‘multimedia’) on every imaginable product and service available to consumers. And it’s all in one repository called YouTube.

YouTube is the primary place to post & share multimedia in the world today.

‘Multimedia’ in this context encompasses streaming or downloadable video, Powerpoint™ with audio dubbed over the slides, or animation. There are many ways to tell your product or service story in multimedia. You create your own commercials. You show off your product and how it works in short clips that help people understand and WANT it.

With video you can find new prospects. There are enormous numbers of global viewers on YouTube. And they very well may pass along their discovery of your compelling video to their friends, neighbors and co-workers via social media sites and their mobile devices.

  • professional search engine optimizationIt is possible to search-optimize videos posted on YouTube so that they are found more often, so you can get ahead of your competition by being search-centric on YouTube itself . This is called  VSEO or Video Search Engine Optimization.
  • The online audience is looking not just for entertainment, but also for company and product news and information.
  • One video view can suggest another in the same category, and that could lead to your company’s pertinent spot.
  • Your Social Media postings can include the fact that you have recently uploaded a new video on YouTube and provide the URL.

YouTube Optimization Is No Longer Optional!

In August 2009, Americans conducted 9 billion searches on Google.

That same month, Americans watched 10 billion videos on YouTube.

On September 15, 2009 the Nielsen Company reported Total On Line Video Streams up 41% year over year

U.S. online video audience is expected to grow to 190 million people by 2012.

Data: Comscore


Google has been actively doing Universal Search since 2008 PLUS its organic algorithms are set to seek out new content posted regularly on websites

  • This means they find answers to search queries in Multimedia as well as Social Media.
  • Google owns You Tube, so YouTube optimization is essentially the same as Google optimization.
  • Google transcribes all audio in You Tube so that the text of a script or sound bite can be amongst the potential answers to any query

Since Google’s incorporation of Universal Search, good web search optimization can no longer ignore the role of multimedia.

You can increase conversion rates via video

  • Video helps to educate the viewer about specific services, puts a face on a company, and builds a company brand.
    • More information can be conveyed in video than with printed materials
    • You can enhance a customer’s ability to understand or relate to an offering
    • Video helps you demonstrate features and benefits persuasively
  • It sets off emotional triggers that static text simply cannot do, ultimately influencing buying decisions.
    • Engage with the customer on a more personal level.
  • It’s on demand – prospects can see a video when it’s convenient for them
  • Video converts!
    • Video is said to convert at two to six times the rate of print, all things being otherwise equal.

Some Conversion Stats:

Constant Contact, the email marketing experts, reported that screen grabs of video received 5x more clicks than text links.

According to Larry Pryg at GM, auto dealer websites that contain video receive a 2x increase in calls over sites without video. (via Reel SEO)

The Common Craft network, explained that web pages that include video testimonials increase their conversion rates by 2x-6x. Common Craft revealed that landing pages that include video increase their conversion rates by 3x-4x.

According to Internet Retailer Magazine: “Video is an increasingly common feature on retail sites, and it’s proving to be an effective selling tool. Shoeline.com added 100 videos that show how a shoe looks on a model’s foot and boosted conversion rates on those products by 40%; PetsUnited reports a 50% increase in conversion on the 1,200 products that have videos on three of its sites” – Internet Retailer


Video Views are Measurable

You can learn about how well your video is performing via stats from YouTube Insights

You can get stats on the number of times your video was viewed per day, where those viewers are in the world, and how popular your video is compared to other videos in a given period of time.

Via Google Analytics

Look for decreases in Bounce Rates, increases in Page Views of those sections of your website carrying videos, etc.

Via Social Media

Watch for click through rates from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and your blogs to the videos

You can amortize the cost of creating a video by repurposing this multimedia asset

Here’s how to amortize your one time production costs:

  • Post video on other multimedia directories, such as Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Fox, etc.
  • Use the video in Trade Show booths – auto run
  • Give to sales people on DVDs or flash drives
  • Provide to prospects on DVDs or flash drives
  • Use as a fulfillment item
  • Embed or point to the video on YouTube in your e-news or e-bulletins


Search engine experts coloradoWith inexpensive and compact “FLIP” video cameras, web cams and free software on people’s netbooks and laptops, video is becoming a prolific media. The video culture is ‘of the moment’ and informative, not slick or over-produced. The overwhelming preference is for short videos, less than 3 minutes in length.

At some point in the near future, NOT to have corporate video will seem out of step, and web search optimization that doesn’t take video into account will be obsolete.


Now that you know how beneficial it is to have video about your company’s products or services, wonder how we make sure your multimedia clips will be found?

We upload to YouTube and adjust settings, location, etc. 
We research and add the video to other relevant video-sharing sites. 
We upload the video to a client’s local map listing on Google and other search engines.

We write optimized title, description and keyword tags for each video.
We convert the formats from movie to whatever is required by the sharing site. We rename the file with keywords. 
And, of course, we will WRITE your video scripts – always being sure to include keywords throughout!


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