Why is your site performing poorly?
What are you doing right?
Who are you reaching, from where, and WHEN?
How many people are visiting your site, and who is coming back repeatedly?

There is a remarkable amount of information to be gathered about how people are interacting with your website, who you’re attracting, where they’re geographically located…all of which will help you figure out the WHYs of the Web.

WHY am I not generating the income I want from my website?
WHY are my competitors ranking better than I?

Blue Skies’ Site Analytics and SEO Services

Blue Skies can run analytics on your site and then break down the findings into simple language that will make it clear to you what could use improvement, and what’s working quite well already.

In our SEO strategies, site analytics play a central role.

Site Analytics refers to the tools that track:

  • The number of visitors to your site
  • The time they spend on the site
  • Their navigation through the site
  • The number of visitors that become customers, known as “conversions”
  • And many other useful statistics.

Analytic tools are incredibly important for tracking how effective your web presence is and then developing your site so that it is as informative, easily navigable, and PROFITABLE as possible.

What OUR Site Analytics Can Tell You

  • Bounce Rates: The number of instances of visitors leaving your site after coming to just one page… whatever that page is. Bounce rates are a great way to see if your landing page is effective in getting people further into your site.  If your bounce rate is high, then you might be losing potential customers and something could be wrong.  We can help!
  • Benchmarking: Allows you to see how your site measures up to related sites.  Is your site as effective as your competitor’s?  If not, we can help!
  • Internal Search Tracking: Analyze what people search for on your site.  If many people are searching for a particular phrase, you might generate more traffic by making that phrase more dominant on your landing page or pages. If one internal search keyword yields high conversions then you’ve found one aspect of what will make your site more lead generating!
  • Performance against concrete goals: Analytics can help you identify goals for your website. Through optimization and intelligent copywriting, we can help you reach these goals!

Let Blue Skies develop a comprehensive SEO strategy for your site.

Using analytics helps you—and the Blue Skies Team—diagnose the weaknesses of your current site.  That’s where Blue Skies can step in to optimize your site through market and keyword research and top-notch SEO copywriting.

Contact Blue Skies to find out about our advanced SEO services and how we help YOUR site.

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