Want To Improve Search Engine Rankings and Conversions?

Start with a website audit.

Evaluating the effectiveness of a site takes experience and lots of it. Frankly,  you are too close to your site, your digital baby, to see that it’s got a couple of serious problems.  Traffic-limiting problems. Conversion-stopping problems!

We evaluate a whole host of criterion to know just how your site stacks up.

SEO and Conversion-Centric Website Audits include:

  • Analyzing your site metrics up until now
  • Due diligence on at least 3 competitors
  • Popularity measurements
  • Is site standards-based, according to W3C?
  • Are there impediments to Google spiders on your site – what are they?
    • 404 errors
    • Tables, Frames, bloated code?
  • What type and amount of Google spider food is on your site?
    • Keyword Density
    • Keyword Integration
    • Easy Navigation
    • In bound Links
    • Site Maps (HTML and XML)
    • Volume of keyworded text on topical pages
    • Tags – Header, Title, Description, Alt
    • Anchor Text on every page
    • Conversion patterns
  • Where is there easy opportunity to rank better quickly?
    • Footers, Geo Locations, Sidebars, Page names
    • Keywording PDFs
    • Blogs and Social Media
    • Canonicalization Repair

When auditing your site for its conversion-ability, we’re looking for:

  • Where you’ve built trust with logos (SSL certificates and the like) near the order form
  • How attention-grabbing your headlines are
  • What product or service images are used – are they powerful and representative? Stock images scream “we paid for these pictures” – we look for ways for our clients to stand out
  • Are testimonials used?
  • Easy ways to order – 800#, Customer Service accessible at a push of a button, splendid shopping cart
  • Clear communications including comparison tables, differentiators, unique selling propositions
  • Use of SELL words and money phrases. Using the time-trusted AIDA approach – taking visitors by the hand from Home Page to Order Page

A full and very detailed report is given clients who engage Blue Skies for their website audits. What needs to be done to improve search engine ranking and gain conversions is spelled out and put in priority order – those things that are easy, effective and you can do yourself are first on the list.

And, if you later engage us to do some of the harder fixes, we’ll then discount whichever SEO package you select by $500.

Remember: the first step is to look honestly and clearly at what you already have.


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