What Is A Good Conversion Rate For A Website And How Can I Get It?

If you sell your product online, you’re engaged in eCommerce. For websites like yours, Search Engine Optimization can guide potential customers to your site—but what keeps them there?

Lead your site visitors to the place you want them to land:
Today’s Point of Purchase. It’s on line.
Even if that’s just where the decision is made to call!

Making Online Conversions

For sales success online, one must combine web marketing, eCommerce and SEO.  Without compelling copy and a site structure that is logical and easy to navigate, even customers who arrive at your site may not put something in a shopping cart or engage your services. That’s no way to run a business!

What can Blue Skies do to convert your web visitors into buyers?

At Blue Skies we’re constantly tweaking our formula for online conversions.  Right now it consists in the following:

  • Researching your market and competitors to see what works and doesn’t in your particular industry
  • Keyword Research to inform the focus of topical pages
  • Altering site structure to streamline the purchasing process
  • Employing web marketing/eCommerce tactics to take consumers from initial interest to point-of-purchase, quickly and elegantly
  • Rewriting or editing existing copy to make it ultra-convincing

Laurie Macomber is a marketing maven and when it comes to eCommerce for websites, she’s skilled in assessing and prescribing a remedy for what ails your selling site.  If you think your website could do better at generating leads and converting customers—and whose couldn’t?—call her for a quick consultation.

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