A personal, up-to-date presence on social media sites is a smart way to stay top of mind with potential clients and customers, and in building a bevy of business supporters.

Using social media to its fullest means everyday attention: Tweeting, updating Facebook walls, regular blog writing…keeping up with the water cooler conversations of our age can eat up LOTS of your time.

Want some help managing your company’s presence on social media sites?

We’ve got just the solution:


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Social Media Pilots can help your business take off in the new world of hyper-active community. Pilots help you see the opportunity in having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. And they help you capitalize on those social opportunities. Conversations are going on at the giant water cooler that is the internet. You need to be there. With our 3 P’s program:

  • Profiles
  • People
  • Posts

First We Create Your Profiles:
Tell your story visually and verbally. Don’t show up with the default backgrounds provided on Twitter. We’ll design a billboard for you instead! We also build out your resume on LinkedIn so it becomes a compelling portrayal of your firm. For Facebook, every business needs a Fan Page. Yours will be done right. . . a vivid characterization of all that’s great about your company.

Stand out and be a social success.
Graphic and Text Profile Creation: To be used on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube and other sites as appropriate.

Then we Create Your Social Media Postings: We leave the personal posts, which are crucial to your authenticity, up to you. But we’ll write the informative, useful and “You’s-full” posts daily. We’ll give helpful hints, tips, share some wisdom and spread some joy. We’ll pass along information garnered from others in your social circles and be generous in our public praise of those you admire …all the while incorporating pivotal SEO keywords to make you ultra-searchable.

Finally We’ll Deliberately Build Your Following: We’ll expand your on-line social circle and grow your ‘tribes’. By saying the right things, we’ll make your business circle grow – until you sit at the center of a very wide circle of friends, followers and fans. By following the right people and saying the things that matter in your industry, people will flock to your social sites.


Social Media Pilots services can also include:

  • advanced SEO servicesCompetitive Audits: Knowing what your competitors are doing is imperative to creating your own strategy for presence on social media sites.
  • Keyword Research: A primary tool in standing out is incorporating SEO keyword phrases into your posts and updates.  The Pilots will perform top-line Keyword Research for insights into pivotal language and terminology. We’ll also  seek out phrases that potential customers actually use—and that the competition doesn’t have on their websites and in their social media posts and profiles.
  • Blog Creation/Blog Writing: Beginning or updating your blog, including ghostwriting blog posts and creating a graphic template.  Many posts on Twitter and Facebook can reference or even import your blog. And on your blog you can expand what information you just hinted at on social media sites. Find out more about Social Media Pilots ability to write your blogs, here.
  • Metrics Analysis: We will report regularly on your social ‘clout’ and the vitality of what you say and we say on your behalf in social circles. We’ll follow the specific click through paths to your blog and website. Who goes there? We’ll tell you! Your company’s online reputation will be audited regularly, and we’ll consult with you on social strategy, ensuring that you are putting your best foot forward in online communities.
  • Social Bookmarking: We know people who know people. When they ‘stumble’ your postings, blogs or website – a broad circle of advocates will help to publicize your news.

Social Media Pilots is a Social Media Services firm that Laurie Macomber owns with her business partner Ron Zasadzinski. It has its own young and savvy staff working under proven and mature management. Learn more by going to that Social Media website here.

Social Media Pilots are taking off. Are you on board?

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