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Thousands of new websites are being created every day. How will you stay competitive if Google turns a blind eye to your business?

You just HAVE to be found. While you’re at it: be PROFOUND.

We create websites that rank on the first page of Google and that convert!

Make no mistake: the most successful businesses will be those who know how to get to the top of the search engines—and stay there.

In a decade, search engines have completely changed the way people find the products and services they want…

…and entrenched search behavior is now radically altering the way companies go about marketing to their prospects.

That’s why internet marketing firms and bone fide SEO companies like ours are in such high demand. Without a professional search engine optimization firm behind you, you may be losing business.

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Getting top internet ranking is difficult, but professional search engine optimization makes it possible.

By taking a forward-thinking, multi-pronged approach, Blue Skies Marketing makes ranking via SEO (Search Engine Optimization) an achievable reality. That’s why when it comes to Colorado search engine optimization companies, Blue Skies Marketing is different.


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Blue Skies develops the right text for your site with content that:

  • Proves to Google’s spiders that your website is rich in relevant information.
  • Is valuable to those who reach your site’s front door, so they’ll stay to browse and even end up referring others to you.


Laurie Macomber, our CEO, has had an illustrious career as an international marketer. Now she uses pivotal keyword research to learn what your potential customers are searching for, and then we write focused copy aimed directly at those implicit and EXPLICIT needs!

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what was on your prospects’ minds? Now you can!

Blue Skies Marketing does exhaustive keyword research that discovers precisely which telling phrases your customers use in the middle of the night on Google.

What is their point of pain…. and how can you reduce the swelling?

Blue Skies is more than just a website optimization company. It’s a sophisticated internet marketing firm that sees the big picture.

What your client’s emotional hot buttons are – and how to push them.

What your competitors are doing on the Internet – and how to beat them!

And we do this sleuthing and prognosticating with full integrity. There are no ‘black hat’ methods, no cheap tricks, no long term contracts either.

These are just some of the reasons that Blue Skies Marketing is a Colorado search engine optimization company with a world-class reputation.


Few internet marketing firms offer both virtue and value in one package. And few firms will cover the ground we do, looking tirelessly for ways your site can achieve higher search rankings.

But it’s a matter of honor for us! We help Google find you and your prospects and customers appreciate you.

Plain and Simple.

Blue Skies Marketing has been performing high-ranking feats for many companies on the web, but SEO is no miracle. It’s a proven approach to better internet ranking. Through years of experience and rigorous education, we’ve become web site optimization experts. Colorado , US and even international businesses have benefitted from our services, and they have the first page rankings to prove it!

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